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Safety Shields are designed to protect personnel and equipment, deflecting and temporarily containing occasional leaks of dangerous fluids (e.g. acid, alkali, solvents, etc.).

A correct use of Safety Shield systems helps create safer working conditions and save money by simply avoiding plant damage and personnel injury. Our Safety Shield is recommended for every pipeline, especially those with a Teflon® or glass lining.

Safety Shields can be made of PTFE, stainless steel and other materials, depending on the applications.

Applicazioni Tecniche is specialised in the design of tailor-made Safety Shields, to best fit the customer’s requirements.

Our technicians find solutions for any unusual applications, be it enormous flanges of non-standard plant layouts.

High design versatility, wide range of chemical resistances, UV stabilised...
For high pressures, high temperatures and whenever a cloth shield is not reliable

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